Thursday, August 2, 2012

Windows Mobile Application Development Likely To Bloom In The Coming Years

Windows Mobile Application Development
Windows app market has more than 70 thousand applications. Read on how Nokia and Microsoft are trying to compete for their future. 

The mobile app market is all set to become even more competitive with influx of Microsoft into the market. Recently the windows app store counted its 70,000 application and hopes to see it grow in the coming times. Both Microsoft and Nokia are fighting to regain their position in the market and have also recently invested €18 m to encourage windows mobile application developers and foster a mobile application development environment to benefit both the companies.

Nokia which had a huge market in the past has been pushed down to lower spots by iOS and android operating systems. The touch phenomenon devised by apple offered customers with an aesthetic and high value device called the iPhone. Soon, Google deployed the android in the market and found numerous mobile makers to run it on their devices. This resulted apple to create a niche market while device makers like LG and Samsung created a wide range of android phones that catered to a large user base with cheaper models.

Both, Nokia and Microsoft have the experience to charm the masses. While nokia can vary its device range from as low as $20 to $800, Microsoft can easily employ its vast user base of windows OS with utility based cloud computing services. Like office 365, Microsoft can create a dedicated cloud service with additional benefits that can even challenge the iCloud services from Apple, If not by features then definitely by the size.
As the windows market grows further, windows mobile application development will also see a huge boost in the coming years.
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