Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Smart Businesses On The Go

It would have been hard to believe just a few years ago, that a small device would be able to monetize in a big way, made possible through smart phones.
To provide a glimpse into the kind of businesses that are sprouting across the globe, there is a business that exports packaged organic seeds of fruit and vegetables. Another company has created a mobile application that takes a photograph of a bill through the camera lens and the bill is paid with by ‘clicking’ a tab. Yet another company has introduced a clothes line for the economically constrained and eco-friendly consumers that are reversible and multipurpose. The list of possibilities is endless.
Even though Blackberry Smartphone pioneered technology driven mobile devices for business, today all major Smartphone companies have integrated business applications into mobile devices. The results have seen many businesses flourish ‘on the go through their resource savings.  Not only do they save time, but are also cost efficient, available at little or no cost.  Furthermore the convenience of access and ability to hold meetings with overseas clients has been most valuable, providing endless opportunities for trade and bringing on a whole new dimension to business conduct through m-commerce.
Google too, has invested in their efforts at bringing business to the forefront through Android apps. They did not stop here but went on to create apps compatible with all platforms known as ‘Google apps for business.’ Features include emails, file sharing, creating business documents such as reports and presentations. Multiple e-mails and calendars can also be synchronized with other devices. Since the app is used online, it may be limiting, but on the other hand, it provides a security through password protection, an important aspect that encourages confidential business communication through mobile devices.
Given the wide range of mobile applications, it means that one users experience may differ from the other, and the user would have to experiment with some to find one that is most suited to his or business needs. The apps have been praised for their round-the-clock support services that provide assistance to the user. A free trial is also available for a limited period which helps users gauge the usefulness of the apps. While Google apps for business offer most features at a small price, one can avail all the features on ‘Google apps for business with vault ‘with ‘advanced security and e-discovery features at an additional charge. Once payment is made, Google does not offer refund and therefore users are advised to choose the ‘flexible plan’ which costs less than the ‘annual plan.’
Recently, Google attained the ISO27001 certification for these business apps. Techcrunch reports that although it does not guarantee complete security on applications, but enough to assure businesses that their information cloud storage is safe with Google. Another recent take by Google that complements their business apps is their offer to allow business companies to conduct in-app transactions.
It is a wonder how technology has spurred startups to develop business, take them to the next level, that is, of implementation of these ideas, and finally, create an application for it.
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