Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Money, More Opportunities, More Advice for Apple

It’s just ironic how sometimes wealth can actually make you powerless. Such as in decision-making. But while the world’s leaders have advisors, it seems the richest company is up against a hoard of millions of advisors to tell them exactly how and where to spend the money.
No sooner had Apple’s evaluation been announced at being at nearly a hundred billion dollars in stock capital as of this month, and all of a sudden they have hundreds of advisors suggesting how they can utilize their money. Such as diversifying and going into banking. But on reviewing Apple’s history, they will most likely stick close to home: computers and mobile platforms.
Only now Apple may be feeling insecure about their control of reserves, since the decision is not as dependent on them as it is circumstantial. With recent evidence courtesy the Fair Labor Association, Foxconn, who manufactures Apple devices, is mistreating their employees through overwork and underpay. Consequently, the wages have been increased while the discussion to cut down the working hours is ongoing. This is going to impact not just China’s work policy, but the rest of the developing world.
The company has so far remained silent in terms of employment opportunities as well. And if they don’t decide soon, someone else will decide for them. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has recently released data, not devoid of criticism, that there is an increased demand within the IT industry for software developers, technicians and systems analysts, with software developers in the lead. This demand rate will increase by 22 per cent by 2020. While it seems unlikely that giant companies will be the ones doing the hiring, Apple will definitely feel the pressure to hire, onshore and offshore. That includes increased demand for iPhone application developers.
Not that they haven’t done enough already. With over 500,000 apps in their App Store, Apple has contributed by providing jobs for mobile application developers and this quantity is expected to increase with their forthcoming introduction of the iPhone 5.
All this while Apple is still conservatively planning dividends with USD 2.65 per share on a three-year basis. But whatever the company plans to do next, the action better be fast, because their competition is close behind.
So, here is one more piece of advice for the tech giant: Apple Inc., make the most of what you have, today. Be ready to spend—generously!

This post originally appeared on Socialjitney.