Thursday, August 30, 2012

8 Great Reasons For Considering iOS6 for your iPhone

For the typical user, updates may seem just a routine thing to do in technology. They barely give thought beyond the UI to the expansive work that goes on by manufacturers and mobile application developers.Its only when there’s a major overhaul in user experience or software innovation will they pay attention. The rest of the time, the excitement is mainly shared by those that make the difference. Every little tap and click on the device sets forth an operation that resembles factory mechanisms, except that they are intangible such as mobile apps.
Apple recently announced beta 4 release for iOS 6 version available for developers to test iPhone applications. The main points have been extracted from their press release.
  1. iOS6 can be tested through the iOS Simulator
  2. To check for content accessibility an app can check it through the authorization status API
  3. Warning to not follow proper instructions on installation could render the mobile as unusable.
  4. Once upgraded the device cannot return to its former version.
Now for some more interesting changes to look forward to:
  1. Siri, iPhone’s digital assistant can install apps.
  2. Facebook is integrated as a built in application to fulfill all the social needs.
  3. FaceTime now has a cellular connection where the call receiving option is also available on the iPad and Mac.
  4. ‘App Banner’ is a feature that advertises native apps which users can easily view, click and download.
  5. iCloud allows easy sharing of photos
  6. Additional apps are an attractive bonus. Such as Passbook for loyalty cards management.
  7. Apple is introducing its own mapping app, Maps which features various services
  8. Bluetooth sharing is another exciting feature for users who prefer to share data with those in close proximity.
In short, reviews have been extremely positive and worth the upgrade. The iOS6 is expected to be released this fall.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Is Apple Isolating Users Through Limited Content?

No one knows for sure what the up and coming iOS6 will have, but they are certain of what it will not have, which is, its competitors’ services. Already Apple ousted Google Maps and instead indicated they have their very own mapping technology as pre installed application on iOS6 devices.
This is now followed by the termination of their contract with the YouTube app, another Google acquisition. Apple confirmed they intended to use Vimeo, acquired by Apple a few months back.
Very brave decisions. Apple Inc may have weighed the pros against the cons, but can’t say they can be commended. Sure there’s valid reason behind them, such as excessive advertising of Google AdSense.  Also Google has the upper hand to promote their content over others. The previous month’s comScore report showed Google in the top slots in the US online video ranking and Vimeo though slowly gaining viewership is down at 10.
But in their bid to be independent and focus on high standards, they are not just isolating themselves, but the users. Other smartphones have a large share in the market because they cater to the masses. YouTube ranks highest among the video websites in the world. That such popular apps have been discarded will prevent people from using iOS technology. No matter how brilliant their iOS apps, very soon they will find themselves losing their largest share of smartphone customers.
User needs should be given top priority. Everything is about connecting and integrating. People want an expansive and extensive reach wherever possible. This was earlier achieved through the internet, became more so through social media and games apps which proved more capable in allowing people to share content. Most importantly, users want as many choices available so they can decide which service to use. Excluding popular apps and installs will just leave them wondering what it is they are missing out.
As if this wasn’t enough, analysts believe that the world’s top search engine, Google is next in line to be sliced off iOS6. At the minimum, it will not be the default search engine and worst case, it will not be present at all.
At this point, media has concluded this to be more than healthy competition. They consider it as outright ‘rivalry’. Most affected are the end users. What they could be offered instead are the best of both worlds. Perhaps third party app developers could make some merger apps that could be native to iOS and compatible with Android OS. This is still early speculation and there are chances for all kind of possibilities to develop. Maybe even an iOS-Android smartphone…!?!
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Celebrities Score With Apps

If you think all celebrities do is take home their winnings, you’re wrong — they have taken the plunge into the tech world to do more than sing and play—they are letting you do the playing…
A celebrity’s popularity is directly related to the app’s popularity. That is the newest strategy that mobile application developers in USA have lately adopted to market their apps.
By working with celebrities during the development process, developers create celebrity-centered apps. ‘Bolt!’ stars the fastest runner in the world. Two-time Olympics gold medalist Usain Bolt aka Lightning Bolt helped develop and launch the game app. It was intentionally set to coincide with his triumphant win at the London 2012 event. The game now ranks as the 25th most popular app.
Other celebrities have also previously left their imprint on the app stores. These include famed boxer’s ‘Mike Tyson: Main Event,’ Wide receiver Chad Ochocinco’s ‘Mad Chad’ and Portuguese soccer player’s ‘Heads Up with Cristiano Ronaldo.’ Companies too have invested in mobile platforms for sports and entertainment. Mobile content developer Babelgum offers free ad-based video content on iTunes through which they have recently launched a game app featuring musical band Coldplay on the iOS. The app also contains newsfeed, catalogue and contests for fans where winners get free tickets to Coldplay’s concerts.  ESPN runs their own ‘Developer Center’ to connect with other platforms. In house as well as third party developers can use their APIs to build sports apps. This open up new avenues for sports fans and celebrities to come together, just as their motto relays “Where geeks and jocks stand united.”
Another initiative involved singer/actor Jon Bon Jovi pitched in on the government’s cause to provide care to homeless veterans. The joint project Reach (Real-time Electronic Access for Caregivers and the Homeless) invited software developers to an open challenge to create “an online and web application that would provide real-time info to connect service providers who aid the homeless” from which five finalists were selected.
Why celebrities? Applications are also an excellent tool for fan engagement and celebrities consider mobile platform a way through which they can gain a wider international audience. Users prefer real-life personalities more than they do imaginary ones whom they can relate to, or pretend to be! For developers, besides successful marketing, it has opened a window of job opportunities. As one website rightly confirmed “This could be the start of a big trend on iPhone, and a big new source of income for developers.”
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Smart Businesses On The Go

It would have been hard to believe just a few years ago, that a small device would be able to monetize in a big way, made possible through smart phones.
To provide a glimpse into the kind of businesses that are sprouting across the globe, there is a business that exports packaged organic seeds of fruit and vegetables. Another company has created a mobile application that takes a photograph of a bill through the camera lens and the bill is paid with by ‘clicking’ a tab. Yet another company has introduced a clothes line for the economically constrained and eco-friendly consumers that are reversible and multipurpose. The list of possibilities is endless.
Even though Blackberry Smartphone pioneered technology driven mobile devices for business, today all major Smartphone companies have integrated business applications into mobile devices. The results have seen many businesses flourish ‘on the go through their resource savings.  Not only do they save time, but are also cost efficient, available at little or no cost.  Furthermore the convenience of access and ability to hold meetings with overseas clients has been most valuable, providing endless opportunities for trade and bringing on a whole new dimension to business conduct through m-commerce.
Google too, has invested in their efforts at bringing business to the forefront through Android apps. They did not stop here but went on to create apps compatible with all platforms known as ‘Google apps for business.’ Features include emails, file sharing, creating business documents such as reports and presentations. Multiple e-mails and calendars can also be synchronized with other devices. Since the app is used online, it may be limiting, but on the other hand, it provides a security through password protection, an important aspect that encourages confidential business communication through mobile devices.
Given the wide range of mobile applications, it means that one users experience may differ from the other, and the user would have to experiment with some to find one that is most suited to his or business needs. The apps have been praised for their round-the-clock support services that provide assistance to the user. A free trial is also available for a limited period which helps users gauge the usefulness of the apps. While Google apps for business offer most features at a small price, one can avail all the features on ‘Google apps for business with vault ‘with ‘advanced security and e-discovery features at an additional charge. Once payment is made, Google does not offer refund and therefore users are advised to choose the ‘flexible plan’ which costs less than the ‘annual plan.’
Recently, Google attained the ISO27001 certification for these business apps. Techcrunch reports that although it does not guarantee complete security on applications, but enough to assure businesses that their information cloud storage is safe with Google. Another recent take by Google that complements their business apps is their offer to allow business companies to conduct in-app transactions.
It is a wonder how technology has spurred startups to develop business, take them to the next level, that is, of implementation of these ideas, and finally, create an application for it.
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Automated Social Media Marketing

Back during the early days of industrialization, there was a threat looming over the daily wage earners—that of being replaced by machines. But it brought immense relief to manufacturers, who were able to maintain uniformity and quality in their products. That certainly did not stop the demand for labor, even today. The web faces a similar issue, except that automation is not as simple as mere replacement of humans.Social Media Marketing

While social media automation may sound like an ideal solution for the novice or amateur businessperson, experienced marketing strategists will vouch against the idea because social media marketing requires more than just software to generate ROI, at least not if used in isolation. Such marketing efforts like automated emails and content lose the essence of what makes for successful social marketing, which is, human interaction. Facebook has over 900 million users and Twitter has over 500 million.These numbers speak for themselves of the importance of the human element operating in a most advanced technological environment. Unlike production, the web revolves around human activity and networks have a strong social influence that have impacted people’s lifestyles compared to any other media.

But far from being an answer to marketing, this instant feedback has made marketing far more complex than ever. With awareness came increased competition. While statistics helped quantify and narrow the gap between demand and supply in the market, marketers had to dig deeper. Facebook advertisers realized that even friends within the same social circle do not ‘share’ common interests.

Not that you should cast aside marketing automation in its entirety. Formerly known as email marketing automation, marketing automation is one of three categories of marketing software, the other two being marketing intelligence and advanced workflow automation. Combined with manual effort, results are positive and profitable. Marketing automation tools (MAT) play a very important role in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) processes that are great time savers and aid analysis and measurement of marketing campaigns.

Marketing strategists often refer to content as being ‘unique,’ or ‘authentic.’ This is mainly because with scores of products/services available online, each can only stand out when they have their own distinct personality. In-depth research means delving into psychology which helps understand consumer behavior. Over time, improved communication will form meaningful customer relationships because they will see the genuine effort involved — which no software automated tool can replace.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Smartphones to Predict Human Behavior

The social and behavioral sensing platform has been aptly named ‘Behavio’ which interprets human behavior through Google’s Android sensors. Journalism is taking yet another plunge into the tech world. And vice versa. Now we have tech specialists delving into journalism. As of this year, Knight Foundation that provides financial support to Harvard’s Neiman Journalism Lab, is following the order of the day by combining technology with journalism. This year, one of the six winners of the ‘Knight News Challenge’ were in fact, not journalists, but a team of Android programmers who received USD 1.3 million prize as funding for their software framework model.
Where mobile companies are being hounded by numerous lawsuits against them for invading user privacy and storing personal information, the same is being constructively inferred for social development. For instance, recording movements and tracking location over a period of time will generate an average median that forecasts travel plans. The assimilation based on mobile tracking sensors will even be able to gauge epidemics even before they hit particular vicinity.
This is not the first attempt of its kind. The Wall Street Journal reported last year how ‘people’s movements followed a mathematical pattern’ and how collecting past behavior patterns can accurately predict future behavior. Earlier studies involving mobile usage and behavior had proven how cell phones’ data tracking log can reveal character traits and predict crowd behavior. One instance is that of a two-year experiment by MIT researchers that involved 60 families. Cell phone sensors were combined with personal information to show the extent of influence certain individuals exercised over others. Other similar studies showed cultural and political divide within one community based on their interest and social activities.
Armed with this kind of authentic information, journalists will be able to report without requiring physical resources and coverage. And it will be a great source for academics, particularly sociologists and psychologists to not just understand, but solve issues in this context.
Funf (fun framework) is currently available in beta version, ‘funf in a box’ for mobile developers to createAndroid applications through a Dropbox account. Currently available as beta version, developers are strongly recommended i) their apps not be used for large amount of data collection and ii) to select their users carefully, because they will have access to each others’ data.
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Cloud Gaming Gets Smart

To say the experience will be enriching is an understatement because live streaming of mobile gaming via cloud are the present– not the future of gaming.
While businesses are still hesitant about sharing data via cloud storage over doubtful security management, cloud gaming is perhaps a safer bet. Despite its recent beginnings in the mobile industry, gaming on demand has become the most utilized among all other cloud services.
What makes cloud gaming highly popular is mainly their capability to access games through offsite, remote servers on any platform or device. There is no need for physical gadgets such as consoles and discs. However, some guides do recommend using a physical control device for smartphone screens because of the large estate they occupy for game controls on touch screens.
Virtual streaming of these games provides limitless choices on 3G and 4G smartphones. Some OSs are already running them as cloud game applications on their stores. OnLive, a cloud gaming application was launched for Android earlier this year and received a tremendously positive response. Android was their first choice among smartphone platforms for the same reason that cloud sharing is based on: an open source server for an open source platform.
And there’s more to come. Google announced the launch of ‘Google Compute Engine’ cloud service at their recent I/O conference that will allow app developers to create any kind of application with the use of raw virtual machines, such as JVM (Java Virtual Machine). This means multiple systems can coexist within a single device.
Apple’s iOS had had to wait awhile, but with already a successful app plus cloud storage project, they will soon be joining forces in the cloud gaming zone. Last week’s news about Gaikai, an open cloud gaming platform, being bought by Sony has pretty much paved the way for them as well as other smartphones and tablets. There has been no direct reference, but the high price paid (USD 380 million) shows just how important cloud gaming has become for the once popular console manufacturers. It is not too hard to believe either when reviewers predict how this will spur Xbox and Playstation games to be streamed through into smartphone devices.
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Windows Mobile Application Development Likely To Bloom In The Coming Years

Windows Mobile Application Development
Windows app market has more than 70 thousand applications. Read on how Nokia and Microsoft are trying to compete for their future. 

The mobile app market is all set to become even more competitive with influx of Microsoft into the market. Recently the windows app store counted its 70,000 application and hopes to see it grow in the coming times. Both Microsoft and Nokia are fighting to regain their position in the market and have also recently invested €18 m to encourage windows mobile application developers and foster a mobile application development environment to benefit both the companies.

Nokia which had a huge market in the past has been pushed down to lower spots by iOS and android operating systems. The touch phenomenon devised by apple offered customers with an aesthetic and high value device called the iPhone. Soon, Google deployed the android in the market and found numerous mobile makers to run it on their devices. This resulted apple to create a niche market while device makers like LG and Samsung created a wide range of android phones that catered to a large user base with cheaper models.

Both, Nokia and Microsoft have the experience to charm the masses. While nokia can vary its device range from as low as $20 to $800, Microsoft can easily employ its vast user base of windows OS with utility based cloud computing services. Like office 365, Microsoft can create a dedicated cloud service with additional benefits that can even challenge the iCloud services from Apple, If not by features then definitely by the size.
As the windows market grows further, windows mobile application development will also see a huge boost in the coming years.
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hire Unity 3D Developer For A Rocking Game

Game development is an amalgamation of technical expertise and aesthetic skills and unity 3d development provides the optimal platform which can combine these factors to create a breathtaking gaming experience. To unite the goodness of both worlds, it is necessary to have a game development program like Unity 3d. Unity 3d is powered with some of the best game development tools that stimulate the intuitive side of a Unity 3d developer trying to materialize a game idea along with strong coding skills.

Unity 3d development is the best game development tool that offers excellent 3d graphics in web browsers. A unity 3d developer (if experienced) can even create 3d graphics which are comparable to native applications in performance. Comparing shockwave and flash, unity 3d game development stands tall when it comes to thrilling gaming effects. There are numerous shadow effects in Unity 3d that gives a lifelike experience to gaming. Effects like UVunwrap, dual light mapping etc. makes Unity 3d game development as one of the most advanced options to create a mind-blowing game.  

 Unity 3d development is also preferred due to its cross platform compatibility among mobile devices and various PC browsers. It is also speculated that unity 3d development will soon become compatible with HTML 5 which will likely put it amongst the most preferred game development platform.

Since Unity 3d game development is entirely based on JavaScript, the learning curve is also shorter. It implies that if you are familiar with basic functionality of JavaScript you can become an effective unity 3d game developer. However, the presets for physics, lighting and other effects present in Unity reduces the development time as lesser code is being used by the Unity 3d developer.

Unity 3d game development is the most preferred way to put life into your game idea. Hire a trusted unity 3d developer and rock the app store.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Windows Phone 8 May Be Launched With The Much Awaited Feature Upgrades

Picture The consistency of the Windows Phone 7 is maintained by Microsoft from the last two years. Windows Phone 7 handsets have features like single core processors and a 480 by 800 screen resolution. Their extended battery life keeps while the applications running and performing longer than most others. 

Following the leak of several alleged Windows Phone 8 screenshots earlier this week, the Windows phone 8 has lots of features to look forward to like Skype integration, 3D maps and improved camera features. It might also support VOIP integration, Windows Phone Wallet, Voice Tools, Lens apps and much more than its previous version.

However, native code development is the feature upgrade that Windows Phone developer has been anticipating. The screenshots show a revamped camera application, a new data monitoring tool and Nokia Drive 3.0 which might actually arrive sooner than Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft has yet to confirm any of these features but we might know if they are a part of Windows Phone 8 on June 20th when Microsoft is expected to show off new upgrade at the Windows Phone Developers Summit.

Windows Phone 7 is nice but has some hardware limitations and because of that Windows Phone 7 developers have had problems to develop great apps for Windows Marketplace. Apple eventually took a decision and upgraded to the retina display with the iPhone 4. In this way Apple balanced the situation but Microsoft is faced the tough side of the move.

Considering the new Windows Phone 7 handsets like Lumia 900 and Titan 4G handsets will only be a few months old. Its predecessor, Windows Mobile was not compatible with the new update. It was quite a frustrating experience for the users. Hope Windows don’t repeat the same mistake with its next release called Windows Phone 8. Or else it will have to face the wrath from Windows Phone 7 developer

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why People Love iPhone

iphone App Development
The market statistics are staggering. iPhone 4S sold over 37 million iPhones over a quarter. With that big a number, the company holds over 8% of the global mobile phone segment.

Here are some of the reason why people world over peg their trust on iPhone.

Lots of apps: The iPhone app store has hundreds and thousands of apps for every possible thing that you can imagine. Due to the large customers-base wanting to load apps and fun games, iPhone app development has turned out to be a money spinning business.

Steve Jobs: The name is enough. iPhone app developer worship the man for his strong sense of design. The device is easy to use yet has the power to create compelling apps. Using iPhone specific features such as accelerometer, camera app, GPS tracking and others developers have built apps that are helping people to sync their professional and personal life.

Technology leader: Right from retina display to 8 megapixel camera, iPhone is way ahead of other smartphones. It is powered by iOS 5 which is the most advance mobile operating system yet. This gets the company those big sales numbers pouring in. After all, who would not want to experience the best technology first hand?

Treasure trust: The recent BlackBerry outrage is a classic case of how easy it is to loose even the most loyal of customers and suppliers. Most of the mobile app development companies have either stopped developing BB apps or have put it on hold. You never hear of management goof-ups or engineering snafus for Apple products. They have been able to protect the trust of customers for over three decades now.
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Important Reasons to Hire iPhone App Developer from India

iPhone is the leading smartphone in the world at present. The magnificent iphone applications really make it exceptional an exceptional device. An offshore iPhone App development company really provides stunning and superb benefits to us. Now these days, people mostly use iphone as when in comparison to PC or notebooks. iPhone really provides to their users, each of function which are offered by Computer or Notebooks. iPhone provides most of features like games, GPS routing, web surfing, e-commerce any many more. iphone is really a great way to personally interact but is also suitable for the business purposes.

There are many iphone Application Development companies existing in the market but Indian iPhone App Development market is the most affordable among other developers. Hire iPhone App Developer is really one of most vital feature for those who have their Internet Company. Always try to hire those companies which are experienced and have the powerful knowledge of mobile app development. We should have to know that good companies are distinguished by a strong iPhone app development portfolio.

These types of iPhone Application Development companies have some of requirements that help them to meet their Client’s objectives. These development companies are really the most cost effective source to get quality iPhone Applications. This type of application development companies are committed to provide the best solutions along with great result. This feature is really helpful to get more and more visitors to your webpage. It really improves credibility of your organization. With the help of these iPhone application development companies, Your website would be appropriate with iPhone . Any of individual can easily look for your website through iPhone from anywhere at anytime.

These development organizations really make your website iPhone Compatible which makes it a handy device to access the internet. Indian iPhone development companies provide iPhone developers for hire on excellent need. These iPhone application development companies possess expertise in C,   XHTML, JavaScript, DHTML, Ajax and iPhone SDK which are the necessary for developing solid and exceptional iPhone web application.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

MCommerce — The Smart Way

Very soon, mobile sales will outnumber the population. But it is the Smartphone sales that are increasingly in demand by businesses. Forrester Research has numbered the current percentage of mobile retailers to be seventy per cent and estimates increase by 39 per cent each year. Similar studies point toward the fast and upward growth of mobile commerce. It is these statistics that are the driving force for businesses to enter the mobile platform for B2B and B2C.
Mobile Commerce 
One aspect of such a study that has caught the attention is that sales are more likely to take place by consumers who use mobile and desktop platforms rather than just the desktop. Another advantage pointed out was the mobile’s convenient ease of access. A third advantage for using the mobile is because it saves time for the fast paced lifestyles of today’s consumers, who would otherwise have to spend hours at brick and mortar stores to make their selection. Most importantly, mobile commerce is cost effective.
This trend has pressed retailers and businesses in general into rethinking their mobile strategy in terms of trade and commerce. Attracting customers to online stores through Smartphone apps is already a regular practice within the industry, especially the B2B. So if the company has a store on the web, it is high time they open  one on the mobile and consider creating a shopping app for the consumer, when the market is fresh and competition is low.
Limiting options does not guarantee sales. Window shopping is still something customers want to do and will bide their time to wait for a better price if they have to. Although Android and iPhone offer ‘simple yet incredible shopping experience’ for the user, it’s no longer about the right platform but more about cross platform apps.
Mobile apps should be customized, simple and accessible of commerce is to be successful between business and consumers. Nordstrom has invested in several services for selling their products through mobile. A report published online recommends smarter ‘native applications’ that are applicable across all mobile platforms. This way the consumer is not dependent on any particular operating system.
Mobil ecommerce is not just about direct purchase, but the influencing behavior and practices of a consumer. The most commonly observed behavior is ‘comparison shopping’ which is someone standing at a brick and mortar store, simultaneously checking prices on the mobile for the same product. Others use mobile commerce apps for research and purchase directly and exclusively from the mobile platform.
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Money, More Opportunities, More Advice for Apple

It’s just ironic how sometimes wealth can actually make you powerless. Such as in decision-making. But while the world’s leaders have advisors, it seems the richest company is up against a hoard of millions of advisors to tell them exactly how and where to spend the money.
No sooner had Apple’s evaluation been announced at being at nearly a hundred billion dollars in stock capital as of this month, and all of a sudden they have hundreds of advisors suggesting how they can utilize their money. Such as diversifying and going into banking. But on reviewing Apple’s history, they will most likely stick close to home: computers and mobile platforms.
Only now Apple may be feeling insecure about their control of reserves, since the decision is not as dependent on them as it is circumstantial. With recent evidence courtesy the Fair Labor Association, Foxconn, who manufactures Apple devices, is mistreating their employees through overwork and underpay. Consequently, the wages have been increased while the discussion to cut down the working hours is ongoing. This is going to impact not just China’s work policy, but the rest of the developing world.
The company has so far remained silent in terms of employment opportunities as well. And if they don’t decide soon, someone else will decide for them. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has recently released data, not devoid of criticism, that there is an increased demand within the IT industry for software developers, technicians and systems analysts, with software developers in the lead. This demand rate will increase by 22 per cent by 2020. While it seems unlikely that giant companies will be the ones doing the hiring, Apple will definitely feel the pressure to hire, onshore and offshore. That includes increased demand for iPhone application developers.
Not that they haven’t done enough already. With over 500,000 apps in their App Store, Apple has contributed by providing jobs for mobile application developers and this quantity is expected to increase with their forthcoming introduction of the iPhone 5.
All this while Apple is still conservatively planning dividends with USD 2.65 per share on a three-year basis. But whatever the company plans to do next, the action better be fast, because their competition is close behind.
So, here is one more piece of advice for the tech giant: Apple Inc., make the most of what you have, today. Be ready to spend—generously!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Noisy Book GAMES Review

The Noisy Book GAMES is a creative and fun application that allows children to discover the sounds found among objects in their world – some common, some interesting choices for an application such as this. It is also good to know that French as well as English languages are provided, a thoughtful inclusion especially for French speaking, bilingual and other families looking to expose children to languages other than their own.
Parents who have perused iTunes will be aware of the abundance of apps such as this geared toward teaching new sounds, be it animal, vehicle or the like. What makes The Noisy Book GAMES stand out in a crowd is that the included noises are all created with the use of a human voice, not samples from nature or devised electronically, creating whimsical sounds adults will enjoy as much as their children will.
The main section of this app is the book itself, consisting of multiple pages one can scroll through, each containing six illustrations one can tap on to hear narration read in order to explain the object or concept being explored. Listen to these sound effects and enjoy the animated illustration as well, such as “The bee goes ZZZZZZZ…” or “The watch goes tick tock…” but for me, the most interesting selections are those more obtuse, such as the choices of “Pain” or the electrical socket going “no.”
The cute animation included further brings these words to life with nice effect, and I enjoy that these images have the same hand-crafted quality that these voiced sound effects do, keeping this app lovingly low-tech.
One also has the option of reading this book to oneself, recreating the sounds found throughout or coming up with one’s own unique noises.
I appreciate how the different sounds found within are randomly displayed among these pages and that one can flip though pages of this book looking for a specific sound, but I don’t like how after a sound is explored, it is grayed-out and can no longer be selected – an issue for children who may want to come back to a favorite sound over and over again.
After one has enjoyed the sounds found throughout this app, do test one’s memory of these noises as a game. “One, Two, Three sounds” is also included.
The look of this game is similar to a page from the book, consisting of six images. A sound is then heard, challenging players to select the corresponding sound.
This game has a nice level of difficulty, as one needs to remember a lot of sounds, and these answers are not always obvious. I do not like, however, that one mistake ends the game, never allowing children to know what the correct sound was that they were hearing. I would much rather see this as an activity which allows children to simply try again, showing children the correct answer after a few wrong choices, as well as letting players move on to the next question.
A memory game is also included where players turn cards over in order to make pairs – nice touches include choosing between easy and hard difficulty, as well as these cards turning over as quickly as the players can flip them – good to know as the slowness of having to wait for the cards within memory style games is a common complaint.
The last section this app offers is called Noisy Rap, a sound board based on the same layout found in the book and quiz sections. Here one can tap on an image to hear the sound it makes, together with background music also playing. These new songs can be recorded, and it is nice that a demo song is included to hear what can be created with a little practice. This section, as the name of this app implies, is rather noisy and will be a hit or miss depending on what the player finds appealing to listen to, but as a single section, I don’t see this as a major flaw within this app as the book and quiz modes are quirky and fun.
I have enjoyed the various sounds the human voice can make within this app, but I do think the price set for this app is expensive compared to their other apps at this price point, something to think about.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Development Trends for Blackberry Apps: Just Business?

It is great to feel wanted. Just like the App Developers were given plenty of attention by Research in Motion (RIM), the wireless service provider for Blackberry, at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  RIM made it clear that they wanted to form a strong alliance between developers and themselves. Developers were invited to attend the panel session–an encouraging sign that RIM wanted to concentrate their future effort in App Development. The other point that was made plain by RIM was their support for quality apps. They expressed a strong policy against piracy of apps, a trend that has become increasingly common on other mobile platforms.
The reviews haven’t been very kind and continue with their harsh criticism of how Blackberry will fail, despite their efforts, especially as far as Mobile Apps are concerned. Incidentally, it seems that it is the flexibility in their app development that will allow room for more creativity on the Blackberry platform.
To ensure they are making the right decision, RIM is testing the waters. Their earlier introduction of WebWorks SDK on the Smartphone V2.2 proved to be a success with developers. They are currently running a promotion campaign in the US by offering Blackberry 7 preinstalled with 17 free apps, which includes games, and if successful, they will then release them globally. Their free trail offer for BBM music is still open. Given the right incentives, RIM hopes app developers will be willing enough to pitch in their efforts on the up and coming Blackberry 10.
Supporting multiple programs in apps is considered a drawback because it will weaken the apps’ quality. Native programming is encouraged for the mobile platform. In this case, it is the multiple program support options, which include web apps. A recent article in the Guardian thought it unwise to completely disregard HTML5 as well. The native apps are a customer demand simply because of the client/server trait, but that also means limiting the options that apps can provide if they are to be say, native web. Ultimately as long as the app serves the purpose, the end consumer will not care what program it is supported by.
So should anything different be expected from Blackberry, considering that the mobile has always been associated with the business sector? That still holds true, except Research in Motion also realizes the significance of diversification and as such, has recently introduced some very interesting apps, including games that are bound to tempt the non-professionals and the younger age groups.
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