Monday, August 6, 2012

Cloud Gaming Gets Smart

To say the experience will be enriching is an understatement because live streaming of mobile gaming via cloud are the present– not the future of gaming.
While businesses are still hesitant about sharing data via cloud storage over doubtful security management, cloud gaming is perhaps a safer bet. Despite its recent beginnings in the mobile industry, gaming on demand has become the most utilized among all other cloud services.
What makes cloud gaming highly popular is mainly their capability to access games through offsite, remote servers on any platform or device. There is no need for physical gadgets such as consoles and discs. However, some guides do recommend using a physical control device for smartphone screens because of the large estate they occupy for game controls on touch screens.
Virtual streaming of these games provides limitless choices on 3G and 4G smartphones. Some OSs are already running them as cloud game applications on their stores. OnLive, a cloud gaming application was launched for Android earlier this year and received a tremendously positive response. Android was their first choice among smartphone platforms for the same reason that cloud sharing is based on: an open source server for an open source platform.
And there’s more to come. Google announced the launch of ‘Google Compute Engine’ cloud service at their recent I/O conference that will allow app developers to create any kind of application with the use of raw virtual machines, such as JVM (Java Virtual Machine). This means multiple systems can coexist within a single device.
Apple’s iOS had had to wait awhile, but with already a successful app plus cloud storage project, they will soon be joining forces in the cloud gaming zone. Last week’s news about Gaikai, an open cloud gaming platform, being bought by Sony has pretty much paved the way for them as well as other smartphones and tablets. There has been no direct reference, but the high price paid (USD 380 million) shows just how important cloud gaming has become for the once popular console manufacturers. It is not too hard to believe either when reviewers predict how this will spur Xbox and Playstation games to be streamed through into smartphone devices.
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