Thursday, August 30, 2012

8 Great Reasons For Considering iOS6 for your iPhone

For the typical user, updates may seem just a routine thing to do in technology. They barely give thought beyond the UI to the expansive work that goes on by manufacturers and mobile application developers.Its only when there’s a major overhaul in user experience or software innovation will they pay attention. The rest of the time, the excitement is mainly shared by those that make the difference. Every little tap and click on the device sets forth an operation that resembles factory mechanisms, except that they are intangible such as mobile apps.
Apple recently announced beta 4 release for iOS 6 version available for developers to test iPhone applications. The main points have been extracted from their press release.
  1. iOS6 can be tested through the iOS Simulator
  2. To check for content accessibility an app can check it through the authorization status API
  3. Warning to not follow proper instructions on installation could render the mobile as unusable.
  4. Once upgraded the device cannot return to its former version.
Now for some more interesting changes to look forward to:
  1. Siri, iPhone’s digital assistant can install apps.
  2. Facebook is integrated as a built in application to fulfill all the social needs.
  3. FaceTime now has a cellular connection where the call receiving option is also available on the iPad and Mac.
  4. ‘App Banner’ is a feature that advertises native apps which users can easily view, click and download.
  5. iCloud allows easy sharing of photos
  6. Additional apps are an attractive bonus. Such as Passbook for loyalty cards management.
  7. Apple is introducing its own mapping app, Maps which features various services
  8. Bluetooth sharing is another exciting feature for users who prefer to share data with those in close proximity.
In short, reviews have been extremely positive and worth the upgrade. The iOS6 is expected to be released this fall.
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