Sunday, August 12, 2012

Automated Social Media Marketing

Back during the early days of industrialization, there was a threat looming over the daily wage earners—that of being replaced by machines. But it brought immense relief to manufacturers, who were able to maintain uniformity and quality in their products. That certainly did not stop the demand for labor, even today. The web faces a similar issue, except that automation is not as simple as mere replacement of humans.Social Media Marketing

While social media automation may sound like an ideal solution for the novice or amateur businessperson, experienced marketing strategists will vouch against the idea because social media marketing requires more than just software to generate ROI, at least not if used in isolation. Such marketing efforts like automated emails and content lose the essence of what makes for successful social marketing, which is, human interaction. Facebook has over 900 million users and Twitter has over 500 million.These numbers speak for themselves of the importance of the human element operating in a most advanced technological environment. Unlike production, the web revolves around human activity and networks have a strong social influence that have impacted people’s lifestyles compared to any other media.

But far from being an answer to marketing, this instant feedback has made marketing far more complex than ever. With awareness came increased competition. While statistics helped quantify and narrow the gap between demand and supply in the market, marketers had to dig deeper. Facebook advertisers realized that even friends within the same social circle do not ‘share’ common interests.

Not that you should cast aside marketing automation in its entirety. Formerly known as email marketing automation, marketing automation is one of three categories of marketing software, the other two being marketing intelligence and advanced workflow automation. Combined with manual effort, results are positive and profitable. Marketing automation tools (MAT) play a very important role in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) processes that are great time savers and aid analysis and measurement of marketing campaigns.

Marketing strategists often refer to content as being ‘unique,’ or ‘authentic.’ This is mainly because with scores of products/services available online, each can only stand out when they have their own distinct personality. In-depth research means delving into psychology which helps understand consumer behavior. Over time, improved communication will form meaningful customer relationships because they will see the genuine effort involved — which no software automated tool can replace.

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